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July 29, 2008


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jackie w.

You would have to use a BMW in your example of extravagent wants.....I will admit, I must admit, I so want the 750BMW ,white with cream colored interior....Okay , so it is just a want. But as my grandfather would respond when my grandmother would ask him why he had made some foolish purchase, his only explanation would be 'Cause I wanted it'.



I just bought my dream car... a bmw z4 convertible. I *highly* recommend it. :)


Jackie--Glad to see your comment!!! :) Get the BMW and send me a spare key ASAP

AJ--Congratualations! I'm sure it's absolutely perfect...And I'm going to need a spare key as well.


Great posting K! It is amazing how people are looking at this time in our economy as the time to "settle". Now the luxury cars may require more gas, which in turn requires more money; then the choice to chuck it is reasonable. But I like the way you stated that dreams are based on want and not need, that is so true.
I really enjoyed this one...

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