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August 12, 2008


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Hey Kiersten, nice to see you writing.

I too work really well when I get angry. I thank those that make me angry for helping me out even though they didn't want to. Prime example, my mother-in-law is constantly telling me that it will not be easy to find a great salary once I graduate and that connections are what matter in "society today". Her underestimation of me always wakes up that, "I'll show her" side of me and I 'm able to get A's just to prove my point of how successful I am and will be.

Although, people do laugh when I'm angry because I say "Argghh" and sound like a pirate. It makes sense though because pirates were always angry so that definitely applies.

jackie w.

Being angry can be good for you. Anger forces you to push yourself, to step up and step out. My own anger at the pecking order frustrated me so much. I decided that I would use that anger and make it laser point sharp. Let's just say that I not only stepped up and out of the box, I turned around and drop kicked the box for getting in my way in the first place. Kier, your future is so bright, I have to wear daggone sunshades when I am around you.

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