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October 20, 2008


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Tiffany Joiner

Interesting post, Kiersten. A post that I am about to write has a similar theme because it will talk about being yourself. But in regards to your post, I do think that you should not try to face everything on your own and that having multiple points of views will make putting things into perspective much easier. Its also good for your health. I also agree that trying to be something else is commendable but it can also be more trying than necessary.

An example is when I joined Brazen Careerist. I share many of the views that its members share but the core of the site and the core of their views I don't find to be so important in my life. I tried to make it a forefront and it turned out to be very taxing, simply because that was not who I was. My actions do not revolve around my career and most of my plans and dreams don't revolve around it either. So although it was difficult to be something else and although I let it go, it did show me another piece of myself that was not as clear before. So you have a point when you say sometimes you shouldn't be yourself because it may just help you be a better self than before.

jackie w.

Kier, we are all imposters to a certain degree, our moods, ambitions, selction of lovers (yes I did say lovers....as in more than 1)are all subject to change and that's so normal. What makes you be you is whatever you choose to be on a fairly consistent basis. Your core can not change, just the mere fact that you are aware of your potential weakness or strengths puts you so far ahead of the majority of your peers. Trust that you will always come back to your core beliefs. And a job/career will not take the place of someone special & significant.

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