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January 23, 2009


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I am still laughing as I think about your latest pondering. Having had to move back home as an adult once upon a time, I will admit that the convenience of having an expert near by on all things mechanical or domestic was a big perk. However, during the few times when I wanted to stay out and....well you know... having those same experts around seemed awkward. So, as long as you have a plan and both ma' and pa' are aware of this plan (that includes a move out date and potential savings), they should be fine. Since I have teens that won't be leaving for another 4 years, all I can say is I can't wait till we have an empty nest !


This was a great post! Unfortunately for me my mom did not let me moving in with her stop anything. I do have a plan for having children though based on the fact that I have observed that having children around when your in you're 40's and over is not the same when you're younger. The way my mom likes to live does not work well because she decided to have another child in her early 30's. So I can understand where the author is coming from when they speak about children making things a little difficult. My son is the awesomest but I do look forward to it just being Will and I.

Dannie Bunton

Taking that step back to the parents can be difficult. I say that from personal experience. The thing as adults we'd rather not accept is the fact that our parents are infinitely smarter and infinitely wiser than we ever thought possible, in spite of the times in which we individually came of age. We'd like to think of ourselves as more hip, more with it, more in tune with what's going on in the universe. What we forget is that the rights of passage to adulthood haven't changed even though the circumstances surrounding those rights of passage have not. Enjoy, savor, and soak in as much of your parents influence, love, and knowledge as you possibly can. It will make your second time out of the next so much more navigable.


Such a great point! I'm definitely realizing that more and more each day


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