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April 12, 2009


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Great post. I have a really hard time apologizing and have been trying to do it more, for my own sanity and the sanity of my relationships. This post really hit home.


Love your take on this & I completely agree. I made an apology to someone who was really horrible to me. It was very hard, mainly because I had to dig very deep in order to uncover what I felt I could sincerely apologize for. The other party has made comments to me (on more than one occasion) that are meaner & more insulting than anyone I've every known. If she were not married to an important member of my family, I honestly wouldn't have bothered. Once I came up with what I could truly apologize for, with sincere love & compassion in my heart, it wasn't hard at all. I still feel I did nothing wrong. I still have the same opinions & thoughts that she got so angry about, however I could sincerely apologize that my expressing them to her caused her pain. I do recognize the power I have, even though she doesn't recognize she is allowing me to have that power. If an apology was going to take her pain (& hence, ultimately her anger) away, then why the heck not do it.

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